SplinterRIP/MBCockMilton has a byline now.

Uncle Milty here.

The people have spoken and have voiced that the Palate Cleanser should be a free standing thingamabob here in the SplinterRIP.

Somewhere between post-Another One Bites the Dust and pre-Live Aid showstopper, Queen, for the briefest of moments, apparently decided they were going to a funk band. So in 1982 they dropped the album “Hot Space” which will largely be remembered for housing the duet single “Under Pressure” with David Bowie.

My favorite song on the album though is the opening cut on the A-side, the very non-Queenish “Staying Power.” Imagine waking up and saying to yourself, “What if we married horns from Earth, Wind, and Fire to a Village People gay disco jam?” What you get is this amazing number.

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