40 years ago it was very easy to dismiss The Knack.

Regardless that “My Sharona” was a smash hit, and their debut album rocketed up the charts, critics felt their image was too derivative of The Beatles and “the band’s image too contrived and their attitude too brash.”

That was not me. At age 15, the first opening beat of “My Sharona” hooked me and never let go. It went right to me teenage lusty heart and it was first song I Freudian associated with fucking (that’s another story). In time, I’ve owned this album in different formats, (vinyl, cassette, CD, and now on digital) more than any other album in my collection, including Led Zeppelin IV (an album that can do no wrong). That’s how much I fucking love this album.

Get the Knack was more than just “My Sharona” though.  It was a power pop masterpiece worthy of any album in that canon and that’s where I am pointing you this morning. Meet “Your Number or your name”. Clocking in less than 3 minutes with a limited chord progression, this song is a hidden gem eclipsed by the enormous popularity of “Sharona”. I think you’ll like it.

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