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Hey, it’s 3:30 in the morning east coast time, so unfortunately I am awake.

When people think of The Cars, they normally think of the late Ric Ocasek’s quirky giraffe new wave punk noodlings. Hey, he had a gift for it. As much a Ocasek defined The Cars, for me, the band’s best songs were the ones not sung sung by Ocasek, but those performed by bassist Benjamin Orr, whose lower octaved voice dripped with menace. “Let’s Go”, “Candy-O”, “Just What I Needed” all are made better through Orr. Which leads me to this morning’s Palate Cleanser,“Moving in Stereo”, the weirdest song on their eponymous debut album. Written by Ocasek and keyboardest Greg Hawkes, the song works an apocalyptic oscillating wave sound through a plodding bass beat while Orr moans:

Life’s the same I’m moving in stereo
Life’s the same except for my shoes
Life’s the same you’re shakin’ like tremolo
Life’s the same it’s all inside you


Originally, I never cared for this, but over time “Moving in Stereo” became my favorite song on this album and one of my overall personal favorites in The Cars oeuvre.

Which leads me to today’s Palate Cleanser extra credit question: Name for me a song you initially hated, but grew to love after over time.


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