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so I heard from that friend of mine again yesterday but so much was going on that I didn’t have time to do anything about it - let alone fix the formatting I got wrong on another of these they’re still on my case about...


but misery loves I thought I’d spread the pain a little...

they have a peculiar sense of humour & use even more of these ... things than I do (at least when they talk to me...) in a way those of a British persuasion may associate with a process known as extracting the michael...


something I occasionally wonder if The Good Place might manage to pull of as the Meta-Finale to end all Finales...but that’s a whole other wall of text...

here’s one someone managed to drop on me instead, for a change:

...speaking of waffling...

...well, not speaking as such because it’s five in the morning & I feel too exhausted to try the dictaphone thing...

...but probably waffling...

...because it’s five in the morning & my mind is more absent than not...

take your time
have second thoughts
& thirds

they may flit or soar like birds
flock or swarm or run in herds
or spoil the way that spilt milk curds

they’re cheaper than the thinnest dime
wisdom or folly, reason or rhyme
in thought will not be found the crime

make of all those thoughts a train
forge link by link opinion’s chain

so that even under strain
these may yet a course maintain

this is why there should be oughts
holding fast among those thoughts
judgement though there be no courts

for frontiers breed the staunchest forts

before at last they’re cast as words
or dug in deep & left to steep
behind a wall that’s no less tall

our own thoughts are ours alone
but words once spoken then are sown

& thus their fruit is ours to own
ours the marrow of that bone

consider it
or them

their merits pit
against their flaws

test them for their shape & fit
find out just what sort of hit
might split
or bend or break their laws

& frankly then appraise the cause

a harder task if in poor light
though strain you may with all your might
though you may fight with fervour bright
to catch the sight of wrong or right

dialogue should not berate
a tendency, if left too late
that seals up its starting gate
leaving swift yet baseless hate

that hardens to a settled state
but rises fresh to every bait
which is why I would debate
the pace of our consider-rate

if you set that rate too low
consideration’s hard to show
if you don’t at least attempt to know
what’s against or with the flow
of current, tide or undertow

or would you trust
your judgement just
when its foundations lie in dust -
a train of thought long left to rust?

considerate -
though writ as ‘rate -
we rhyme with ‘ut
an almost utterance
that’s not by chance

a row that’s hoed
by a simple stance
an honour bestowed
that could be paid with a glance

you’ll find there’s really nothing to the trick
no hoop to jump or box to tick
if there’s a body politic
what fool sets out to make it sick?

politic or polity
there’s us & them
& you & me
the few & the many

in the kingdom of we
it never hurts to be polite
for the only glorious war
is the one we don’t fight.


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