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How?How?What's the deal?

So you might well be wondering how any of this works. I know I am.

Here’s roughly how it seems to shake out:

This account can put up at least one post of its own each day as an Open Thread kind of arrangement & (if there’s someone with the ability around to do it) both add article links people provide either above the line in that thread or as a separate post if they’d prefer.


Beyond that (& with approximately the same caveat) it’s also possible to cross-post things from other bits of Kinja like your own “posts” tab. So far the deal has generally been that if you were good enough to make your way here it’s more than likely I’ll un-grey you as soon as I realize but that requires you to post a comment for me to be able to do - & the management reserves the right to be as slow on that particular uptake as circumstances dictate, with the proviso that if that constitutes an unfair delay in your particular case the hope is that you won’t take it personally.

I think we’re all of us a little taken aback to be here under the circumstances & quite apart from anything else it’s a lot to even try to keep track of, so it very well may not be. Personal, that is.


Since I’m well past the point of being able to remember who I have & haven’t checked that box for it would be a kindness if you’d point out that you’d rather not be grey here in a reply to this post & bear with me if it takes a while to get to you.

Also do bear in mind that said un-greying doesn’t apply to the comments for cross-posted stuff so when you head to someone else’s house you’ll have to take that up with your hosts.


Remember, it’s not who you know that counts - as far as this stuff is concerned it may come down to who knows you. Again, please don’t take it personally if your contribution hasn’t been recognized - if you’ve spent any kind of time on Kinja you should be able to see how it might take a while to establish some bona fides & since the whole point of this place was that some of these commenters got evicted recently we might be a little skittish but are generally welcoming.

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